Upcoming Campouts:

Klondike Derby:
    This is a campout that we have hosted last year and we will be hosting it again. This events consits of Crossing a river with a rope, Fire Building, and much more. Side activites are things like ice fishing (weather permitting), Ice Skating (weather Permiting), Smush Boards, And more!

    If you want to see the flyer for the derby or the other stuff we use for planning it click below:
Klondike Stuff

Cub Scout Crossover:
    This event is when the troop goes up to camp Sequassen in East Hartford and we rent out Friendship lodge. At this event the JLC performs skits and activities for advancement for the cub scouts. On saturday night the cub scouts cross over into boy scouts and on that weekend they get there scout badge and alot signed off for there tenderfoot. To see the files that we use and a schedule of events click below:

Cub Scout Cross-Over

Camp Whiting:
    This event is the usual event that our troop goes to in the Spring. Normally this is in April. At this event we do advancement, Take a hike in the woods and we go see an old mill. Whiting is a campground that has been moved twice and the cabin is the same from the first location. To sleep there is a feild for tents which we have the new cross-overs do for tenderfoot requirments. There is also two big Aderondac shack which each sleep 6 on mattresses. A aderondac shack is a lot like a leento with three walls and one open side in the front. Camp whiting is a camp for troop 63 but is open to all registerd scout troops. For more information on camp whiting please see this sight link:

    For documents that we use for camp whiting click below:

Camp Whiting

West Point:
    8 Years ago our troop got invited to west point in New York for there camporee. Every Year since we have been trying to get invited again and this year we were. So May 1-3 we will be going to west point for there camporee. To see what the camporee is like and to see were to fill out a form to be invited go to the Web site.

Spring Conjam:
    This is a big event in the spring that takes place every three years. We don't know any details yet on this event. For More Information go to councils Website
ConnJam pack list