Aviation Merit Badge

Field Trip-
    Recently A group of four boys Mike, Jason, Mat, and Morgan. Went with their parents MR. L, Mr. V, and Mrs. S on a field trip to Groton New London Airport. (GON) There we got a tour of the tower, a tour of the airport, got to see the NAVY training dunk tank, Do a preflight on a airplane, and went in to a small airplane for a ride and even got to fly it. All of this was prepared by Science Teacher and Pilot, Mr. Burke. We all had a great time and would do it again any day.

The Files we have below are mostly videos. They have a tour of the tower, takeoff and landings, and even takeoff and landing from inside the airplane.

        Thank You Again Mr. Burke For helping us with this merit badge.

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To Download All of The Photos Click Here
To Download The Take-off of second plane Click Here
To Download Tower Tour Click Here
To Download Second Plane Landing Click Here
To Download Second Plane Taxi Click Here
To Download The Second Plane Take Off from the Cock Pit, Click Here
To Download the Second Plane Landing At Fisher Island From The Cock Pit Click Here
To Download The Second Plane in the Air from the Cock Pit Click Here

Pictures: Sorted by time taken (This is just a few photos Download file to see all photos)

A Picture of The Plane with Mat, and Mike Taking off from the Tower

Picture of the plane Taxiying to the Run way

Engine Start

Gettimg In

Group Picture, Standing Left to right: Mr. Van Leeuwen, Mr. Burke, Mike, Mat, Morgan, Mrs. Staffa, Kneeling: Jason, Mr. Levine

Group Standing around

Pre flight (Diffrent Plane in case we broke anything)

Learning How to map a course

Tour of the Dunk Tank Room a great Experience and a amazing honor to see

Tour of the Control tower

Ariel View of the Flight Pattern:
RED: Flight to fisher Island.
YELLOW: Flight back to GON