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Sequassen 2008

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First Day Arrival
Waterfront Rules
Back to camp then Opening Flags
The Banker
Sunday Dinner
After Campfire, the rain begins....
Polar Bear Time
Monday Morning Flags
Monday breakfast
Archery Badge class for Connor, Nick and Anthony.  Connor Smith in charge.
Rifle Shooting class for Jonathan, John, Connor and Nick
Cooking badge for Connor, Nick and Anthony
Monday morning before lunch
Monday Lunch
Monday Mid-Day Misc...
Free Shoot on the Archery Range
John and Mike's targets
Back in camp before Monday Dinner
At Monday Dinner....Happy Birthday Mr. Paine!
Tuesday Morning Polar Bears (not looking quite so chipper today!)
Tuesday after breakfast - It's OA day!
Merit Badge Classes
The leaders take on a service project. Cutting stumps to ground level by hand.
Dave Supervises
Mike provides expert guidance... But if you want it done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself
Rifle Shooting for John, Jonathan, Connor and Nick
Swimming merit badge for Jonathan, Bradley and Robert
Almost as good a show as the dolphin's Sea World
Sailing merit badge for Ben and Justin
Tuesday before lunch
Tuesday Lunch
Tuesday Afternoon
Mr. Cassidy, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Gilbert take on the climbing tower.
Fire building with wet wood?
Wednesday morning Polar Bears
More Rain!!!
Wednesday waiting for lunch - look at all the pretty colors!
Wednesday Archery for Nick, Anthony and Connor
Followed by Rifle Shooting for Jonathan, Nick and Connor
Mike Morgenstern after building his shelter (just burn the clothes now)
After lunch, the All Faith Service then back to camp
Fun with newts (unless you happen to be a newt of course)
Wednesday Firehose competition - three teams for our Troop gave it their best.
Dressed for the elements
Thursday Morning And still more rain! (No Polar bear today).
More Archery for Nick, Connor and Anthony
Connor returns for free shoot practice and one-on-one with Will.
Frontier cooking (with wet wood? - NOT) and Shotgun for Joe
Connor returned for a special 7 pm free shoot and got his archery points (scored by Connor Smith) to complete his merit badge
Troop photo - Taken at the same time as the official camp one.
Getting ready for our friendship campfire with Troop 15
Friday Morning - our towels huddled up to the camp fire to dry out last night - finally a dry day!  Off to Polar Bear one last time.  Mike Morgenstern rolls back in at 5:30 am - just in time for Polar Bear ("But Mr. Cassidy said I could sleep in!)"
Merit badge classes Mike and his shelter
Back at camp then to the Waterfront barbeque with Troop 15
Scouts get airborne
 Matt tried to launch Mitch but the laws of physics said otherwise (he bounced off leaving Mitch on the pad)
John Paine - Undefeated Jousting Phenom.
The Land and Sea Games.  We didn't fair so well at sea but ruled the land.  Overall 3rd place!
In and out of the canoe - for 3rd place
John dredged up trays with an assist from Nick
The athletes awaiting their events.
Matt and Mike battled across the trampoline bridge but spent a lot of time in the water.
Jonathan and Tim moving golf balls with their toes
Looks more like a ski jumper
Ben, Mike and George in the row boat and kayak event. (Strategic error - Mike got his rowing merit badge but Ben took the oars)
The race to build the sandwich.  Everyone gave it their best but there wasn't much left at the finish line.  But Joe didn't let it go to waste.
The buttered melon challenge.  Unfortunately it was so well hidden only seconds remained to gain control once it was found
Too much excitement + too much sugar = crash.  Anthony noted that a well placed towel can make even the hardest rock  suitable for 40 winks.
Now to the land games
Can I sign up to be Scoutmaster for a day?
Jason and Anthony - Birdie on a perch
Mike Staffa, John Paine, Mitch, Joe and with Jason as anchor no other team stood a chance at tug-of-war - 1st Place!
Dizzy Bat

3rd Place

Ben... the course is the other way!
Matt and Tim took 3rd Place in the Shoe Kick.
George, Eli, Jason and Morgan in the relay race.  Morgan poured it on in the last lap securing 3rd place missing second by a nose.
Post games debriefing
Saturday morning pack-up (no it wasn't raining - just leftover spots on the lens.)
All cleaned out Well, almost all...
Pack up then off to brunch
Awards Presentation
Mr. Savino for the Mile Swim Mr. Johnson for Climb on Safely training
Honor Patrol
The return of the Spirit Stick

3 Years Straight


Final closing ceremonies in camp.