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2009 Summer Camp at Sequassen

Click here for a slide show of all these pictures (85Mb file - no narratives or video clips)

Several video clips this year - see below.


To the waterfront for our waterfront and shooting sports breifings

      CIT Jason on the job


Next to the dining hall

Fall out for Flags and Dinner.


To Clark field for the Sunday campfire program


Up for Polar Bear swim


Back to camp for our flag raising


The Merit badge schedule

To Clark field for morning flags then to breakfast

A little Frisbee 

Merit badges


Frisbee warm up





Boulder vs Footlocker 

Boulder 1 Footlocker 0

Waterfront recreation

Cards and Campfire while Joe decorates the Spirit Stick



Time for Polar Bear - Everybody up! -No Negotiations!!!!



It's OA day...off to Flags




Merit Badges - in cool windy rain of course


Fall in for Dinner...Flags cancelled due to rain



Good morning campers - its Polar bear time!!



A Change of clothes, flags and return of the Spirit Stick then to breakfast


Latrine duty - You dropped the toilet brush where Spencer?!
You dropped it, you get it back! 
Never mind, we'll just buy a new one    

Merit badges - No rain!

Its metal bowl day in Metal Working

Click Here watch them in action




After lunch, the Frisbee Semi-finals.  Troop 463/125 team beat Troop 12 to advance to the final round against the staff.


Troop Picture

Firehose competition - unfortunately we were knocked out early.

Click here for a video of the contest

The A team The B Team


Rise and Shine its Polar bear time!!


The adults and a few scouts repaired the trail at Scoutcraft after flooding rains turned it into a mud bog.




After lunch, the Frisbee finals.  Troop 463/125 vs the staff.  The staff won 7-3 but it was a hard fought battle on both sides

Connor and Dustin finished up Fishing merit badge with a fish fry!  Catch em', clean em' and cook em' (eating is optional but several scouts had a bite)

After dinner, some Setback and more rain!


We had our Canoe hike this morning (Sorry no pictures - didn't want to risk the camera)
Our campfire prepped for tonight's Friendship fire Lake Ledge

The Land and Sea Games

The following clip shows all events except the Plate/golf ball diving event (concurrent with the Canoe race and you couldn't really see it from shore) and the Tug of War which was occurring at the same time as another event and was unfortunately over before I could get over to it.

Video of the Games - 24 minutes long (155 Mb) 

Belly Flop winner A soggy sandwich Scoutmaster Lounge-off

Some downtime before dinner

Our Arrival at Flags before dinner 


Our Friendship Fire - We started off dry but ended up in the rain.  Still a great time was had by all (the pizza helped!)




And Happy Birthday to Dan J.

Danny's Bday Song 

Saturday Morning

Closing Ceremonies - Lots of Family members in attendance

Jason recognized for CIT work


Mr. Savino and Mr. Johnson recognized for the mile swim

Honor Troop

Super Troop

3 Years Straight!!

Retiring the Flags



Back to camp for presentation of awards and announcement of merit bages

Retiring our camp flag (Spencer played taps)